Luciano Quiñones' Photo Album

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I present here a collection of photos from my album, where you'll see persons and activities related with the Puerto Rican Danza. I hope you enjoy them.

1979 - Institute of Puerto Rican Culture - Danza's contest Awards night. From left to right: Don Raúl Pomales, Da. Luz N. de Hutchinson (pianist), Don Héctor Campos Parsi (Director of the Institute's Music Department), Don Rafael Duchesne and Luciano Quiñones

1979 - Pianist Da. Luz Hutchinson, with Luciano Quiñones and Don Rafael Duchesne.

March 2, 1984 - Luciano Quiñones (then president of Mayagüez Lion's Club) hands a recognition plaque to composer Rafi Escudero. The Fifth Lion's Danza Festival was dedicated to him.

c. 1988 - Círculo de Recreo of San Germán - A group of winning composers beside José Enrique Pedreira's widow, during the night when he was inducted into that organization's Danza Composer's Hall of Fame. In the photo: Don Ramón Collado, Don Narciso Figueroa, Don Raúl Pomales, Luciano Quiñones (winning composers); and pianist José Raúl Ramírez (guest).

May 1994 - Luciano Quiñones with Don Narciso Figueroa (izq.) and his brother Guillermo, during a danza's awards night at the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture.

May 1994 - With pianist José Daniel Martínez at the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture during the XXII Danza Week.

1994 - Luciano Quiñones shares a bow with the members of Camerata Caribe after they played one of his compositions.

1995 - With Soprano Migdalia Batiz, during one of the Lion's Club's Danza Festivals.

1997 - Celebration of composer's Don Celso Torres 95th birthday in Mayagüez.

April 2000 - Playing four hands danzas with his former teacher, Prof. Charles P. Phillips, during a series of recitals on his come back tour to PR.

2000 - Sharing with composer Eladio Torres, during a visit to Luciano's home.

October 2000 - During the recording of his composition - Himno a Mayagüez - with the popular TV host and tenor singer Rafael José, the soprano Hilda Ramos, and sound engineer Manuel Calero.

December 2002 - Playing four hands danzas in the Casino of Mayagüez with pianist Luis Manuel Tirado.

April 2003 - Uncovering the photo that will be permanently placed in the Circulo de Recreo's Danza Composer's Hall of Fame. In the photo with Luciano, his beloved wife Sylvia and his mother, Doña Adela Lugo.

The Institute of Puerto Rican Culture honored Luciano Quiñones by dedicating him the XXXII National Danza Week, celebrated from May 10 to 16, 2004, for his trajectory as a danza's composer. This is the poster they prepared for this event. To see more photos of the activities held during that week click HERE

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